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New NIR values 2015

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Jenečská 146/44
161 00 Prague 6
Phone: +420 220 560 200
E-mail: teso@teso.cz
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Teso sídlo

Device for continuous measurement systems

Sampling systems variants

Sampling set

Heated/ standard

External/ internal filter

Integrated inlet for calibration



Gas conduction

Heated/ standard

Replaceable Teflon

Dual Teflon duct in one cable


Gas cooling system

One-way / multiple- way (up to 4 ways)

Temperature display

Peristaltic pump for condensate effluent


Gas pump

Membrane gas sample pump with output 200 l/h

Efficient gas sample pump with output up to 800 l/h

Heated pump

Pump with Teflon head

Pump with integrated bypass system for output regulation



Ceramic filters – with 3 µm pores

Ceramic glass fibres filters – with 0, 1 µm pores

Coalescence filters – suitable for acidic suspense

Protective internal filters for analysers with 0, 2 µm pores


Converter NO2 – NO

Low temperature converters

High temperature converters – up to 600 °C

Possibility to switch with bypass valve