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Sampling systems



GTE Sampling set use gravimetric method for extraction particle pollutant from airflow in isokinetic or near isokinetic conditions. Methods are in conformity with ČSN ISO 9096 Determination of concentration and mass flow rate of particulate material in gas-carrying ducts - Manual gravimetric method and ČSN EN 13284-1 Stationary source emissions - Determination of low mass concentration of dust - Part 1: Manual gravimetric method. Dust particles are quantitatively isolated from gas flow with fibreglass external or internal filter. Filter is made of 100 % borosilicate glass with guaranteed 99,97 % efficiency (for particle size 0.5 - 0.3 µm), with optional installation of internal cartridge or external cyclone pre-separator. GTE set is equipped with combined sampling system with module 2T4P for temperature, pressure and pressure difference measurement. Isokinetic extraction is controlled by control device IZOMAT.


Unibox Set

UNIBOX 06 is designed for gas fraction extraction from flowing gas mixture. Dust particles are removed from gas samples in temperature condition of main gas flow by fibreglass filter. Treated gas is subjected to multiple absorption on sintered glass gas washer filled with absorbent. Final gas sample is dehydrated and lead through regulatory vent and floating flow meter with maximum output 60 l.h-l. Wet gas meter with temperature and pressure sample measure is added for exact measurement.


Airmat Set

Automatic air pollution sample extractor AIRMAT is designed for sampling dust aerosol for manual gravimetric particle mass determination, according to norm ČSN EN 12341. Sampler could be enhanced with another equipment for other air pollutant measurement as are heavy metals, semi volatile organic substances, acid reacting ions etc. Analytical method is based on separation particles bigger than PM10, PM2,5 eventually. Separation is done in certified sampling head with protective PTFE layer and ensured by direct connection between sampling head and filter holder. Particle sorting is based on momentum difference principle, sampling head could be equipped for condensed water separation. Gas sampling is automatically regulated according to particle mass in flow meter to be either 1 m3/h or 2,3 m3/h with momental maximal deviation of ± 10 %, measurements are usually carried on for 24 hours. Targeted fraction is filtered and analyzed with gravimetric methods.