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New NIR values 2015

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Jenečská 146/44
161 00 Prague 6
Phone: +420 220 560 200
E-mail: teso@teso.cz
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Teso sídlo

Manufacture, supply, service


  • design of automated emission measurement systems (AMS)
  • delivery, installation and service devices for continuous emission measurement
  • manufacture, delivery, installation and service of samples collection devices for emission monitoring systems (probes, heated pipelines, systems of samples treatment and transportation, control systems for gas flow and sample humidity)
  • delivery, installation and service of data analysing devices for emission measurement systems
  • design, delivery, installation and service of systems for data collection, transfer and visualizing from source to workspace of distant user (S-base)
  • manufacture, delivery and service of data collection devices for Emission monitoring systems for manual measurement of solid, fluid and gas emission – GTE set, UNIBOX set and for ground-level concentration (ambient air ) measurement AIRMAT set
  • manufacture and delivery  of probes for waste gas flow measurement  (Prandtl’s probes type S and L)
  • delivery of thermometers, pressure sensors, humidity measuring systems, CO detector  in workspace and devices for oxygen concentration assessment  in gas
  • delivery of filtrate materials (glass wool, silica, Teflon) and absorption materials (polyurethane foam) for air emission sampling