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New NIR values 2015

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Systems for data acquisition


System for data collection

We use data collecting point for acquisition, conversion and storing emission monitoring data from manual measurements in stationary air pollution sources. Datalogger works up to 4 to 32 signals from measuring points (flow loop 0,2,4 – 20 mA, or tension 0 – 10 V).  As signal source can be used emission analysers (solid pollutant concentration, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide etc.) and also devices for measurement of complementary variables (O2 concentration, temperature, air pressure, pressure difference, gas speed etc.)



WDAT system is integral part of statistical device. System records raw values, shows graphical representation of measurement process and saves data in required format. Program enables to track and record gas parameters in given physical units, allows analogue or digital calibration of linear and nonlinear signals, can recalculate to reference quantity (O2, standard conditions) and even use selected formula for data transformation. You can observe data collection in data stream or graph form during measuring interval. The WDAT program enables conversion of measured values in accordance with procedure protocol to Air Protection Act requirements. Program is user friendly and has logical construction so it can be reliably used by both specialist and nonspecialist in emission measurements.


Monitoring systems suitable for continual emission measurement

Through combination of efficient emission measurement center and local or network version of emission measurement monitoring and control program is guaranteed well-arranged and easily accessible chart and graphical display the course of measure values, their archivation and data distribution to specific/requested workplace. Program enables long ranged data transport to control and check point of the company or to workplace of Department of Air Protection (e.g. ČIŽP, OkÚ), or other required locations.


Advantages of primary monitoring system datalogger

Each emission monitoring system is placed in emission measuring box, which minimalize possible complication with data transfer and optimize financial costs. Measurement station and data gathering stations work separately as independent units in data gathering, their conversion to given unite and data storage. Once saved data cannot be edited by common software products. During power outage or network crash is saved data preservation guarantied. Measured values and program parameters can be printed at any time. Number of monitored sites is not limited.

SCADA system is fully graphical and control system which allows analyzing various range of data groups whether different at time or scale basis. Every single data value has available its own credibility and relevance parameter. Individual parameters are archivated in various databases with definable length or sliding period. The program can operate as local independent system or in LAN web as an application with different access rights for various users.