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New NIR values 2015

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We use series of analytical methods and their combination to measure different air pollutants. We learn and innovate to use best methods possible for each request. We are accredited for many different methods and we broaden our accreditation constantly to provide best quality service possible.

Analytical methods for emission measurements according their principles:


- Infrared and ultraviolet absorptive spectrometry, SO2, NOx, CO

  • Analyzers Siemens – Ultramat, Analyzers Sick – GM 32, MCS HT

- Chemo luminescent methods

  • Analyzers Horiba – VA 3000

- Flame ionization detection

  • Analyzers TESTA FID, Siemens Fidamat

- Heat conductivity

  • Analyters Siemens Calomat

- Gas chromatography

  • Chromatography  Siemens Maxum

- Laser TDL absorptive spectroscopy

  • Analyzers Siemens LDS 6, Sick GM 700

- FTIR absorptive spectroscopy

  • Analyzers Siemens Gasmet, Sick MCS FT

- Magnetic susceptibility (paramagnetic measuring method)

  • Analyzers Siemens Oxymat


Nondispersal infrared spectroscopy is fundamental base for most often used methods for extractive and/or nonextractive measurements.