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Jenečská 146/44
161 00 Prague 6
Phone: +420 220 560 200
E-mail: teso@teso.cz
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Technical services for air protection

The company operates in the field of ecology, specializing in air pollution control. Authorized performance and supply companies carry a registered trademark of TESO. The company was founded in 1990 with its subsidiaries in Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Czech Lipa has about 50 employees in professional occupations, about 1,500 customers per year and an annual turnover of about 50 million CZK.


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The company is a member of:

ALME - Association of Certified laboratory for measuring emissions
ČSCHI - Czech Society of Chemical Engineering, Working Group for odorous substances.


New system TESO WDAT® for data collection and analyzation

We introduce new WDAT system. It combines proven emission measurement software WDat 4.0 with new hardware to enable on-line and/or off-line communication and data collection and transmission. Popular software function as is average calculation, graphical representation or long term data save remained unchanged and new hardware system broaden possibilities for type and number monitored measurement.