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New NIR values 2015

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Jenečská 146/44
161 00 Prague 6
Phone: +420 220 560 200
E-mail: teso@teso.cz
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Continuous emission monitoring systems

Sample collection and preparation

-          Data collection system TESO KONTI        

-          Preheated Teflon pipe for gas sampling

-          Sample collector with convertor NO2/NO TESO KONTI


Emission monitoring systems for manual measurement

Gas flow rate probe

Manufacture and delivery of sensors for measurement of waste gas flow rate (Prandtl tubes S and L)


Gas sample collector devices

-          stainless steel

-          glass

-          titanium

-          with inner temperature regulator


Sampling systems

-          GTE Set

-          Unibox Set

-          Airmat Set